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Air Splints
Air Splints are of the highest quality inflatable splints. These splints incorporates an inflation extension with a single-handed closure clamp.

Available as individual splints or in any kit of your choosing.

First Aid Models:
AS03 Kid's Arm
AS06 Kid's Leg
AS12 Hand & Wrist
AS13 Half Arm
AS14 Full Arm
AS15 Foot & Ankle
AS16 Half Leg
AS17 Full Leg
AS18 Spare Satchels - for splints
AS19 Full Sets X6
Arm Air Splint

Air Splints

Physiotherapy Models:
PAS12 Hand and Wrist
PAS13 Half Arm
PAS14 Full Arm
PAS15 Foot and Ankle
PAS16 Half Leg
PAS17 Full Leg
PAS21 Mini Air Splint 250mm length (Suit very small limbs - paediatrics or adult hands)
PAS25 Air Sac 6mmx8mm. Can be used with Mini splint for spot pressure
PAS28 Abdominal Support Belt. Can be used to support extended abdomen post surgery
Inflation Valve
Protect yourself  from Saliva based cross infection use the Inflation valve. The Inflation valve fits most splints. Each individual operator should keep one of these in their personal kit for safety when inflating Air Splints.

EM40 Inflation Valve
Inflation Valve


To Order Air Splints

Just Phone, Fax or email

USA 1 800 6499639 FAX 802 948 2015

New Zealand 09 820 7297 Fax 09 8207296

Australia 1800 637 827  Fax 03 64270710 

Or just email sales@emssupply.com 


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