The Kendrik Traction Device is the BEST traction device on the market! With the Kendrick Traction Device™ (KTD™), you never need to roll your patient or raise their leg when applying traction!

The KTD Kendrick Traction Device
The Kendrik Traction Device is the BEST traction device on the market!

Unlike other so-called "traction devices", only the KTD™ allows you to work around any hip or groin trauma. Furthermore, there is NO uncomfortable ischial bar to deal with, so any concerns of causing unnecessary pressure and additional pain are not an issue. Popular anti-shock pants can be quickly and easily applied over the KTD™. One person can properly apply the KTD™ in less than 2 minutes! The traction pole instantly adjusts for adult or paediatric use.

The KTD Bag around the size of a 1 pint container
The KTD Bag

The KTD™ comes complete with a convenient 9½" X 3½" storage pouch and easy-to-follow instructions. Weighs less than 20 ounces. Perfect for Wilderness Rescue, Bush Rescue, Ski Patrol and SWAT Medics, too!


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