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Witness the final link in the evolutionary chain...Pivotrac. Whether for left or right leg traction, Pivotrac provides the exact ischial angle you proscribe, meaning excellent bone end alignment and enhanced comfort for each patient. Pivotrac... now the ultimate product in traction evolution.

Providing therapeutic traction and a basic contoured ischial design, the Thomas Half Ring splint remained unchanged for over 60 years. Time consuming set up and cumbersome application techniques dictated a change.

Pivotrac leaves no other choice

To replace it, the well known Hare type splints addressed the need for a permanent and positive ratcheting system and support straps. However, the fixed and ridged ischial pad could not be adjusted to conform to the patient ischial angle or anatomy.

An effort to provide improved traction splints saw the birth of the Sager style splint. This perineal bar splint addresses some proximal elevation concerns, but is generally positioned between the patients legs requiring augmented support for the entire limb.

The past standards





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