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The Oregon Spine Splint II (OSS II) is a second-generation spinal immobilization product that was introduced in January, 1989. It has been carefully redesigned to correct the deficiencies of earlier and competing products, including the Ferno KED. When the KED was introduced in 1978, it was considered state-of-the-art; however, since that time, many advances in spinal immobilization have emerged and the KED cannot meet modern emergency medical requirements. We believe the OSS II is the safest, most effective vest-type extrication and immobilization device available today. It is also easier to use and easier to train people in the use of it.

Listed below are some of the features of the new OSS II that make it such a superior product:

As you can see, the OSS II has been carefully designed to meet the needs of today's EMS personnel, and meets all of the established criteria for immobilization of a sitting patient. No other device of it's type does this. It is the ideal product for vehicle extrication.

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