The SAM® Splint will immobilize any bone in the body - including the neck, excluding the femur.

The SAM® Splint can be rolled, folded, or used as a liner in backpacks or emergency kits.

The SAM® Splint does not absorb bodily fluids and won't stick to wounds. It is not affected by extremes of temperature or altitude.

The SAM® Splint does not have to be removed to take x-rays, reducing risk of further injury.

The SAM® Splint may be washed and repacked for future use.

The SAM Splint now available in new sizes
SAM SPLINT is now available in the following size ranges.
* Adult 90cm
* Child 45cm
* Arm board 27cm
* Finger Splint 10cm
The expanded range of SAM SPLINTS means that there is now a splint and solution for almost every situation when you need a splint.
SAM Splint is easy to use and is approved by and purchased by Hospitals, Ambulance Services, St John Ambulance, Red Cross, Sports Trainers Associations and Sports Medicine Federation, Defence Forces, State Emergency Service, Rescue and First Aid groups

Some of the uses of SAM Splint.

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