ECG Leads, Amplifier & Controller  
Gain/Sensitivity 5,10,20mm/mV
  Input Range   ± 6mV
  Acquisition Sample Rate > 1000 Samples/Second
  Frequency Response 0.05 to 175Hz +/- 3dB
  Defibrillator protection Patient leads are isolated from system and operator, with 4kV protection
  Common Mode Rejection -80dB (minimum)
  Safety Standards Complies with: AAMI EC11; IEC601-1; IEC601-1-1; IEC601-1-2; IEC601-2-25
  Leads Off Indicators Connection status for each lead is shown on "Recording ECG" screen
  Power Source Can be powered by the PC Serial port control lines in most cases, depending on the PC being used. Can draw extra power if necessary from a PC PS/2 port or an external mains adaptor.Note: This equipment is not IEC60601-1 compliant unless it is supplied from a computer or power supply that complies with IEC60950 or equivalent
  Supply Voltage 4-16V DC
  Supply Current < 18mA DC
Physical Characteristics
Size     91 mm x 85 mm x 20 mm (excluding cables)
  Patient Leads     1 metre
PC Connection     3 metre Cable, DB9 Male
  Weight     280 - 380 grams (depending on cable options)
  Case material     ABS Plastic
  6 Lead Cable     4 patient leads
  12 Lead Cable     10 patient leads
  Electrode Connections     Either 4mm "Banana plug" or "Snap-On" connectors
  Electrode Labelling     Abbreviations and colours to comply with either IEC or AAMI standards
  Display & Operating Console     Dependent on PC (supplied by user)
FDA 510K Clearance High Pass 50/60Hz
  Baseline Wander Baseline reset by adaptive zeroing algorithm
  User Selectable Notch Filters (Mains Power Noise Rejection) 50/60Hz
  Low pass (Muscle
Artifact Filter)
  Report Capabilities     User selectable Report formats
  Display 800x600 (Recommended minimum screen size)
  Environmental Conditions Operating Temperature 10 - 40 °C
  Storage Temperature -20 - 70 °C
  Humidity 5 - 85 °C
* EMS supply reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

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