Resus-O-Mask reduces the unhygienic aspects of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by keeping bodily fluids (such as blood and vomit) away from the rescuer and is an Australian-made disposable face shield.

Do not puncture the plastic sheet. Your air will pass through the round aperture, pass behind the blue moulding and through two small 'U' shaped valves to the patient. The Resus-O-Mask is also smaller and less expensive than other common resuscitation masks. Instructions for use are included.

LRM3 Compact Type
LRM5 Vinyl Keyring
LRM6 Nylon-keyring "Lifestart"

Resus-O-Mask the Australian-made disposable face mask.

Trained persons should proceed as trained, using the Logikal mask for hygienic purposes. This device is not a Resuscitator; it is designed for emergency use and the purpose of reducing unhygienic aspects of mouth to mouth resuscitation and should not be reused. Please keep clean and handle with care prior to use. 

 300 ECG Made Easy

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